Using GooPs with


The GooPs/ integration allows you to:
    • Track your Buddies
    • Let others track you using GooPs or
    (Purchase of Franson GpsGate is not required)


    To track your “Buddies” in GooPs you need to have an account on the location server. The location server will allow you to configure and manage your buddy lists. Click here to set-up your free BuddyTracker account.

    Once you have a account and you have set-up your Buddies, there are two steps required to configure GooPs to track your Buddies:

    Set up your account information:
      • In the GooPs Options dialog press the “External Server Setup…” button.
      • In the External Server Setup dialog:
        • Enter your User Name and Password
        • Enter the desired update rate in seconds
        • Check the “Enable” box
        • Check the “Send My Position” box if you want location updates sent to – this will allow your Buddies to track you.
    Add your “Buddies” as GooPs vehicles:
      • In the GooPs Options Dialog “Add/Update Vehicle” area:
      • Press the “New” Button
      • Enter the user name of the “Buddy” you want to track in the “Name” field
      • Enter the string “” in the “Host” field.
      • Press the “Add” button
      • The Buddy will now appear as a GooPs vehicle in Google Earth.