GooPs hangs when connecting to GPS or starting Demo mode

This has been fixed in version 2.5.15 and later.

Error when trying to install GooPs

If you get an error when trying to install GooPs you may need to run the installer as administrator:

  • Save the installer as a file
  • Right click on the file name and select “Run as Administrator”

GooPs Crashes on Startup

This has been fixed in version 2.5.13 and later.

The Google Earth view moves, but the GooPs cursors and tracks are not visible.

This can happen if you close GooPs and restart it without closing Google Earth. Google Earth can’t communicate with GooPs so it quits trying. To get the communication going again you have to right click on the GooPsServers placemark and select “Refresh”.

Google Earth causes my system to run out of resources.

This is a Google Earth bug with network links that can eventually cause network problems on your system. Exiting and restarting GE frees the resources.

GooPs can’t connect to my GPS.

The GooPs status box just shows the message “Opening COMx”. This can happen if another program has the GPS COM port open. Be sure that no other programs running on your computer have the GPS COM port open. This includes the native Google Earth GPS functionality. If you need to run multiple GPS programs from a single GPS you can use a COM port splitter like xport or GPSgate Express
There are some systems where GooPs can’t read from the COM port, even though other GPS programs can. A workaround is to use a COM port splitter program like xport or GPSgate Express to open the COM port, read the GPS data, and forward it to GooPs.

Street names flash when auto-tracking is on.

This is a Google Earth issue. One workaround is to reduce the GooPsServers refresh interval. It is more apparent with larger tilt angles.

I can’t connect to my friends on the network.

GooPs remote tracking only works if your friend’s system is “visible” on your network (e.g. Mobile VPN). Work is currently in progress to make GooPsremote more practical for the typical mobile user. If you want to share your position with others from a server try the GooPs ftp client under Optons->Save File Periodically.

When I press “Start Demo” Google Earth comes up and just sits there out in space or takes forever to zoom in to the GooPs cursor.

Make sure the Google Earth Tools->Options->Control->Fly To/Tour Speed setting is set toward “Fast”.

I’m seeing two of my vehicle.

Make sure there is only one GooPsServers network link in the Google Earth “Places” or “Temporary Places” folder. Delete any duplicate GooPsServers network links.

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