Revision History/Release Notes

2.5.19 – 5/16/17 Now supports GLONASS receivers, Fix for Windows FTP servers (release notes)

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.19 here:



2.5.17 – 5/13/15 Fix for Google Earth initialization (autostart) problem

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.17 here:



2.5.16 – 2/26/13 Fix for Google Earth initialization problem, Installer fixes

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.16 here:


2.5.15 – 2/10/12 Fix for GooPs hang when starting new Google Earth Beta

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.15 here:


2.5.14 – 11/2/11 Fix for invisible 3D cursor, Installer fixes

Fixed bug Google Earth not properly displaying the 3D cursor
Fixed problems with installs for all users.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.14 here:


2.5.13 – 6/2/11 GPSgate bug fixes, startup crash fix

Fixed bug with location not being properly sent to the server.
Fixed startup crash when GooPs is started with AutoTrack disabled and not in demo mode.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.13 here:


2.5.10 – 5/15/11 Configurable track width and cursor scaling

Track Width – The “Track Width” box is on the lower right side of the GooPs Options window. To control the track width, you can change the number in the box. Smaller numbers make the track thinner, larger numbers make it wider.

Cursor Scaling – This option allows you to control whether the cursor is scaled with range (so it will appear at same size on the display regardless of the distance to the cursor) or to keep the cursor at the same absolute scale regardless of range. The “Scale cursor with range” checkbos is in the GooPs Options window on the lower right side. To cause GooPs to not scale the cursor with range (keep the cursor at the same absolute size), uncheck the box.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.10 here:


2.5.9 – 4/1/11 New installer, Big mode, bug fixes

New installer simplifies installation/removal.

Main window now centered on initial startup.

Added a “Big” main window interface option.

Added a reset option.

Now includes a sample 3D model.

Fixed a problem with auto tracking turning itself off when exiting the Options window.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.9 here:


2.5.8 – 3/18/11 Fix startup crash

Fixes the startup crash in 2.5.7.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5.8 here:


2.5.7 – 2/21/11 Enhanced Air Mode, debugging, Minor bug fixes

Air Mode view now focuses on aircraft instead of the ground.

GooPsServers network link Refresh option restored.

Added more debug info, display of debug log.

Added Factory Reset.

Some users have been experiencing crashes on startup with version 2.5.7. If this happens to you please report the problem and use version 2.5.1 below.

2.5.1 – 11/22/09  Adjustable Point Resolution, FTP client improvements, bug fixes

Adjust tracking point resolution to extend the length of your track or conserve bandwidth.

FTP client timeout can now be adjusted for slow connections.

Various FTP client bug fixes.

Due to changes in the Mologogo server. Mologogo tracking is no longer supported.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.5 here:


2.4 – 1/2/09  Enhanced NMEA logging, GPS AutoScan

NMEA log recording feature now saves the NMEA log to a file named with the vehicle name, current date and time (this changes the old behavior where the same log file was overwritten each time the “Record” button was pressed).

NMEA Continuous logging feature constantly logs data to a file. The file is named with the vehicle name, current date and time. A new log file is created each day or when GPS updates haven’t been received for 10 minutes.

Existing NMEA log files files can now be loaded and played in GooPs/Google Earth.

New GPS AutoScan automatically scans your system’s COM ports for your GPS.

GPS connection status is now displayed in the GooPs cursor text in Google Earth.

FTP number of points to be sent is now configurable.

GPSgate client now supports altitude.

GPSgate client now uploads all points after connection is lost.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.4 here:


2.3 – 1/28/08 Limit tracks by date, enhancements, Bug Fixes

Track display can be limited to a specific date range, useful for some tracking applications

FTP client will optionally upload data even if no new points received.

FTP client can now upload all vehicles, local and remote

SpeedTrack Max Speed can be set for better display of very fast or slow vehicles

Heading can now be displayed with cursor current position data

Doubled maximum track storage

Now rejects zero lat/lon and times more than 7 days in the future.

Fixed problem with double timestamps

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.3 here:



2.2 – 9/21/07 GPS Data Window, Tracking Device Support, Bug Fixes

Added a Floating GPS Data window that displays the current vehicle speed, altitude, and heading.

Added support for Sanav GC101 and Laipac S-911 tracking devices. Just configure the device to send data to the system/host running GooPs, port 51234. The device will appear in the GooPs vehicle dropdown list when the first update is received.

Track data is now saved periodically so data is not lost if GooPs terminates unexpectedly.

Fixed an invalid point handling bug where vehicles would gradually lose points.

The Google Earth bug that does not allow you to ignore network link fetch errors has been fixed with the latest release of Google Earth – 4.2.0180.1134 (beta), August 20, 2008.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.2 here:



2.1 – 7/29/07 Mologogo/GpsGate Tracking, Bug Fixes

Now you can track yourself and your friends via the and servers and integration explodes the number of tracking options available to GooPs users. Now you can track yourself and your friends in Google Earth with a wide variety of devices including cell phones, PDAs and Smart Phones.
The and servers provide well supported and stable platforms that you can access from home or on the road.
With your location can be uploaded to the server and you can track yourself or any other user. supports tracking only. You cannot upload your own position. ( support is currently a beta feature.)
See the GooPs “Options->External Servers” dialog for instructions on how to use this feature.

Improved TimeStamp and SpeedTrack segment detection to help reduce track errors

Improved bad point rejection to minimize invalid track points.

Improved FTP Client robustness.

GooPs can now run from the system tray.

GooPs can now display speed in knots.

Current GooPs Plus/Pro Users download version 2.1 here:



2.0 – 5/12/07 GooPs Plus/Pro! Bug fixes

GooPs now comes in three versions

  • GooPs now comes in a Free version and Plus and Pro versions so you can get just the features you want.

Fixed crash problem when exiting GooPs under some conditions
Now puts cursor in last good position if no data is received.
Cursor image  and model file names now stick.
Now maintains separate names for model and cursor files.
Fixed problem with zero degree tilt.

1.9.5 – 3/26/07 3D Model Cursors!, COM Port fixes, FTP fixes

New 3D Model Cursors (beta)

  • You can now use Google Sketchup models for your cursors. There are hundreds of cars, boats, and planes to choose from at the Google 3D warehouse.
  • Most models will require some minor Sketchup adjustments to work properly. This includes scaling, centering the model on the origin, and rotating the model to face north.
  • Google Sketchup exports models to kmz format. GooPs requires that the model file (.dae – Collada format) be extracted from the kmz file using your favorite archiving program (winzip, winace).
  • Loading a model into Google Earth can require a great deal of memory. My system with 1GB ram can successfully load models up to about 3MB, the initial load can take several minutes. Once the model is loaded there is little or no performance hit, and the model can be used by as many vehicles as you like.
  • A Collada model of a GooPs car is available on the GooPs web site:
  • (right click and select “save target as…”)
  • Models are currently only available in demo mode.

COM Port fixes

  • Added selectable Flow Control and support for 115200 baud.

FTP fixes

  • Increased the command response timeout to help with GPRS connections.

Added an option to enable/disable the “rename file after copy to server” feature.

Added a Clear Track on Startup option

1.9.4 – 3/7/07 Cursor Size, PointMarker, AutoView Rotate, bug fixes

New Adjustable Cursor Size

  • 3D cursor size can now be adjusted to your preference

Selectable AutoView Rotate perspective

  • The view perspective to the cursor can now be fixed at any angle (instead of just rear). “Free” mode allows you to set the perspective at any angle via the Google Earth navigation controls.

New PointMarker feature draws a circle of a specific radius on the ground at every point on the track

  • This can be useful for applications where coverage of a specific area/width needs to be recorded and analyzed (e.g. field coverage or search and rescue). This feature can be very resource intensive.

Track Point compression is now selectable

  • Up until now, GooPs has always compressed track points (thrown away redundant points). GooPs now gives you the ability to keep all track points received from the GPS (It may be helpful to turn off compression when using PointMarkers).

RotateMinimum works again

Baud Rate can now be set to 1200

Fixed problem with FTP client filename

  • This was broken if the file had no directory path. It now works with no directory path.

1.9.3 – 2/20/07 Maintenance Release – FTP client fixes, 3D Cursor Fixes

FTP client no longer crashes with long welcome messages.

FTP client now works properly from behind firewall, through VPN.

FTP client now handles sub-directories properly.

Cursor now rendered correctly at all latitudes.

  • Cursor was distorted for vehicles too far from 45th parallel. Cursor should now be rendered correctly except at extreme latitudes (>85th parallel).


1.9.2 – 2/14/07 Built in FTP remote sharing, more control enhancements, bug fixes

Important: You must remove any existing “GooPsServers” network links from your Google Earth “Places” folder.

Even smoother navigation and control in Google Earth at all times.

  • GooPs no longer “fights” you when you use the Google Earth navigation controls.

Saved kml uses icon instead of 3d cursor.

  • The icon will be automatically scaled now, unlike the 3d cursor.

Various bug fixes around AutoView and error handling

TimeStamps are no longer displayed near the cursor.

  • This tended to obscure the cursor and was generally distracting.

Added FTP client capability for sharing your location remotely.

  • Requires an account on an FTP server (provided free by many ISPs). Periodically saves your location to an FTP server. The location can then be viewed via http by others with Google Earth or Google Maps.2
  • Here’s my GooPs location via Google Maps:
  • Interestingly, my ISP’s http server won’t serve files with the extension “.kml”, that’s why the file is named ftptest.txt (not ftptest.kml).
  • Here’s the kml for a network link that will track my GooPs vehicle remotely. This one updates every 8 seconds.

1.9.1 – 2/3/07 More GE4 fixes, Label, Navigation enhancements

Important: You must remove any existing “GooPsServers” network links from your Google Earth “Places” folder.

Workaround for Google Earth blurry images when using GooPs

  • On some systems Google Earth will not be able to access the satellite imagery data when GooPs is running. This causes the earth to look blurry.
  • If you experience this problem select the “Blurry Image Fix” checkbox in the GooPs Options Dialog, delete any GoopsServers network links in the Google Earth “Places” folder, and restart GooPs.
  • If you use this workaround you will not be able to run an http server on your system at the same time you are running GooPs.

Smoother navigation and control in Google Earth when AutoTracking.

  • GooPs no longer “fights” you when you tilt, rotate, or zoom your view using the mouse or navigation control.

Cursor Label Enhancements.

  • The display of cursor label fields is now configurable. The cursor label fields are Name, Speed, and Altitude.

Added a “Visible” Checkbox.

  • This controls the visibility of the vehicle and track.

COM Port Selection now goes to COM32

1.9 – 1/7/07 – Now works with latest Google Earth Beta

Important: You must remove any existing “GooPsServers” network links from your Google Earth “Places” folder.

Fixed to work with Google Earth 4.0.2722 (built 1/5/07)

GooPsServers Network link now updates

1.8.1 – 12/14/06 – Maintenance release

Can now switch between Land/Sea and Air modes

Timestamps now displayed correctly between discontiguous tracks

1.8 – 10/20/06 – GE4 fixes, Timestamps, Server Based remote tracking

Important: You must remove any existing “GooPsServers” network links from your Google Earth “Places” folder.

GooPs now works with Google Earth version 4 beta:

No longer crashes at startup when creating network link

Cursor images are now displayed correctly.

No longer continuously zooms out when tracking with AutoZoom off

Tracks are now disconnected if more than 60 minutes elapses between adjacent points.

  • Resolves problem with lines drawn between points when traveling long distances when GooPs is not tracking or GPS is not on.

New “Timestamp” feature displays the actual time you were at any point on your trip.

New socket interface allows applications to send NMEA sentences to GooPs via a TCP/IP socket. (I’m still working on a COM wrapper for this).

  • Server is listening on port 51234
  • One NMEA sentence per send()
  • Socket must be closed and re-connected for each send().
  • Must be in live mode (not Demo). GooPs will automatically stop the serial port connection whenever data is received on the socket interface.
  • Sample vanilla C socket client code available.

New “Save Periodic” feature saves your track to a local KML file periodically.

  • This will enable a simple brute force client/server based remote tracking.
  • Set the number of seconds between each save in the GooPs Options dialog “Save to File Periodically” text box.
  • The file will be named <name>.kml where <name> is the name of the local vehicle (e.g. “Me.kml”)
  • The file will be located in the directory from which GooPs is running.
  • Use an off-the-shelf ftp synchronization program or a batch file and windows ftp to upload the kml file to your ftp server.
  • You will need access to an ftp server on the internet that is visible to you and all vehicles you want to track.
  • Each vehicle to be tracked will be configured to upload their current position and track to the ftp server periodically.

Anyone who wants to track a vehicle can then create a Google Earth network link to the kml file on the ftp server (e.g. “http://myftpserver/me.html”). Set the network link refresh parameters to taste. (I noticed that my ISP will not allow files with “.kml” extensions to be accessed via http, that’s why the file is copied to “me.html” on the server rather than “me.kml”.

Things to consider:

  • kml files can be quite large, set your track length and update rate accordingly.
  • The kml file names must be coordinated manually on any given server. If you use the same file name as somebody else you will overwrite their data.
  • The cursor will be scaled to whatever size the producing vehicle’s zoom range dictates.

:: sample batch file to upload my position every 5 seconds
:: replace <username> and <password> with your own
:: build the ftp input file
echo user <username> <password> > send.txt
echo send me.kml me.html >> send.txt
echo quit >> send.txt

:: loop forever
ftp -n -s:send.txt
:: ping for n seconds
ping -n 5
goto start
:: end sample batch file

1.7.7 – 6/12/06

Fixed problem opening ports above COM9.

Enhanced GPS connection sequence messages.

1.7.6 – 5/12/06

Added support for Air vehicles.

Added a demo/playback speed control.

Raised labels a bit above vehicles.

Fixed range/speed/scale interpolation bug.

1.7.5 – 4/5/06

Cursor now changes size when zooming in and out, even when there are no position updates.

Saved cursor and track are now visible on program startup (instead of after first GPS update).

1.7.4 – 3/24/06

Fixed heading problem (seen with ublox gps) – negative heading values are now passed through to GE.

“Autostart Google Earth” no longer starts Google Earth on program startup unless GPS “AutoConnect” is selected and GooPs is not in demo mode.

1.7.3 – 3/21/06

Added Record/Play capability

  • Record – records the “local” vehicle nmea data. Data is stored in the file “Play.<name>” where <name> is your local vehicle name. Deletes any previously recorded data.
  • Play – plays back the last recorded data in Google Earth as vehicle “Play.<name>”
  • Stop – stops Play or Record

Demo mode vehicle tracks can now be customized with your own nmea data.

Copy files containing nmea sentences (you can use the files produced by the Record function) to the directory from which GooPs is running. Files must be named <name>.nme where <name> is the name of the demo vehicle (e.g. Me.nme)

“Autostart Google Earth” now starts Google Earth on program startup.

Fixed problem with “retry/switch to” dialog appearing when GooPs starts Google Earth.

Improved nmea sentence error handling. Sentences with invalid data are no longer discarded.

1.7.1 – 3/6/06

Km/h now calculated correctly

Remote tracking now works in demo mode

1.7 – 3/1/06

Added an AutoView Smoothing parameter to reduce rapid changes in range due to traveling near an AutoView speed boundary.

To set the Smoothing parameter add this line to your AutoZoom.cfg file:

<Smoothing>3</Smoothing> ; Must exceed the current AutoView speed boundaries by 3 mph to change to the next speed range.

Added an AutoView RotateMinimum  parameter to help reduce GPS “helicopter” effect at low speeds.

  • To set the RotateMinimum parameter add this line to your AutoZoom.cfg file:
<RotateMinimum>.5</RotateMinimum> ; don’t auto-rotate at speeds below .5 mph.

The AutoZoom config file now allows comments:

  • ; any line that starts with a semi-colon is ignored

Added a “Clear Track” feature that clears all track data for the currently selected vehicle.

Track data is now saved across program invocations.

Updated the demo with more realistic tracks (includes a marine track).

Added English/Metric units selection.

Added selection to enable/disable auto-starting of Google Earth.

Added selection to enable/disable saving track to Google Earth.

No longer automatically saves KML file on exit.

SpeedTrack can now be enabled/disabled on a per-vehicle basis.

Reworked main window UI to be more touch-screen friendly.

AutoView features now toggle AutoView state automatically.

Added an AutoView checkbox to enable/disable all AutoView features.

Saving KML to Google Earth now works regardless of the current directory.

GooPs state is now stored in the Current User portion of the registry so Administrative privileges are no longer necessary. This means you will lose all current settings.

; Sample AutoZoom.cfg file:
; <Smoothing> is the amount by which the current speed range limits must be exceeded before
; the settings for the new row take effect. This is to avoid “jumping” back and forth when
; traveling at speeds near a table boundary.
; <RotateMinimum> is the minimum speed in mph at which auto-rotation will be employed.
; AutoZoom Configuration Table format
; <speed>,[-]<range>,[-]tilt[,<image>[,[-]<scale>]]
; Example:
; 0, -200, -10, c:/car.png, .5
; 10, 1000, -10, c:/car.png, 1

1.6 – 2/19/06

Added a SpeedTrack feature.

  • SpeedTrack renders your track in multiple segments that are colored based on speed.
  • SpeedTrack changes your 3D cursor’s color based on your current speed.
  • SpeedTrack is currently only available for the “local” vehicle (host=”localhost”).
  • SpeedTrack causes many separate tracks to be sent to Google Earth. You may need to shorten the overall track length to avoid bogging down your system.
  • You can’t “tour” a SpeedTrack in Google Earth (actually you can but it’s not pretty). For this reason, the “Save” capability will always save a “TourTrack” along with the SpeedTrack segments.

Added a Save capability to save the currently selected vehicle’s track (Ctl-s).

  • The track is saved in kml format in the current directory.
  • If the registry key HKLM/GooPs/SaveDirectory exists, the file will be saved there.
  • If SpeedTrack is active, a “TourTrack” is saved with the SpeedTrack segments.
  • The “local” (host=”localhost”) vehicle’s track is now saved at program exit.
  • Added a capability to save the current position to the clipboard (Ctl-c).
  • Added an AutoTilt checkbox.

Made the AutoZoom config table parser more robust (allows spaces).

Added an image scale factor to the AutoZoom config table:

For example the following table:

0, -1000, -80, c:\src\goopsv1.5\test\mycar.png
5,    800,  70, c:\src\goopsv1.5\test\mycar.png, .75
20, 3000,  50, c:\src\goopsv1.5\test\mycar.png , -.5
50, 3000,  45

From 0 to 5 mph the image will be absolutely scaled by 1 (the default).
From 5 to 20 mph the image will be scaled by .75
From 20 to 50 mph the image will be scaled by the current range/1000 times .5
From 50 mph on the 3D cursor is displayed.

Added shortcuts –

  • ctl-e – AutoTilt on
  • alt-e – AutoTilt off
  • ctl-r – SpeedTrack on
  • alt-r – SpeedTrack off
  • ctl-s – Save selected vehicle’s track
  • ctl-k – Save selected vehicle’s track to GE
  • ctl-c – Save current location (lat/lon) to clipboard

1.5.2 – 2/17/06

Removed AutoZoom exaggeration factor.

Incorporated a custom AutoZoom configuration table that allows you to tailor AutoZoom to your own preferences (the default AutoZoom configuration should be adequate for most users. Only users with special needs should have to create a custom table).

The AutoZoom configuration table allows you to control the range, tilt, and cursor icon based on your current speed.

To define your own AutoZoom configuration table: (this is a little complicated, if you mess it up you can just delete the file and GooPs will use defaults)

Create a file called autozoom.cfg in the directory GooPs is running from

Enter lines/rows as follows:

  • Each line/row in the file designates a speed in mph, a range in feet, a tilt in degrees, and a path to an image file – separated by commas (no white space please).
  • The speed is the minimum speed for which this row’s factors will be applied
  • The factors will be applied until the current speed reaches the speed designated in the following row.
  • A negative range or tilt factor will cause the factor to be applied absolutely for the given row.
  • A positive range or tilt factor will cause the factor to be adjusted between this row’s factor and the next row’s factor based on current speed.

For example the following table:


Will produce this behavior:

  • From 0 to 5 mph – range will be 1000 ft, tilt will be 80 degrees, mycar1.png will be displayed at the current position
  • From 5 to 20 mph – range will increase linearly from 800 to 3000 ft based on current speed, tilt will decrease linearly from 70 to 50 degrees based on current speed, mycar2.png will be displayed at the current position
  • From 20 to 50 mph – range will be 3000 ft, tilt will decrease linearly from 50 to 45 degrees, mycar3.png will be displayed at the current position
  • Above 50 mph – range will increase from 3000 to infinity base on current speed, tilt will be 45 degrees, the GooPs 3D cursor will be displayed at the current position

The AutoZoom configuration table is re-read with each update so you can experiment with different settings in real-time while running the demo.

Changed/added shortcuts for main window items –

  • ctl-t – tracking on
  • alt-t – tracking off
  • ctl-alt-t – toggle tracking
  • ctl-u – heading up on
  • alt-u – heading up off
  • ctl-alt-u – toggle heading up
  • clt-z – AutoZoom on
  • alt-z – AutoZoom off
  • ctl-alt-z – toggle AutoZoom
  • ctl-p – pause
  • alt-p – continue
  • ctl—alt-p – toggle pause/continue
  • ctl-m – force tracking selection to self (host=localhost)

1.5.1 – 2/15/06

Added an AutoZoom exaggeration factor – this factor is applied to the AutoZoom calculated range – 1.0 is no effect

Added shortcuts for main window items –

  • ctl-t – toggle tracking
  • ctl-u – toggle heading up
  • ctl-z – toggle AutoZoom
  • ctl-p – pause/continue
  • ctl-m – force tracking selection to self (host=localhost)

1.5 – 2/13/06

Added an AutoZoom feature (automatically zooms in/out as you change speed)

Reworked tracking interface

1.4 – 2/9/06

Added a Pause/Continue feature (stops updates to Google Earth so you can save tracks as kml)

Reworked tracking interface to hopefully be more clear.

1.3 – 2/8/06

Added capability to use bitmap image for cursor in “Track to Course” mode when zoomed in less than 600 ft. (currently no UI for this, must put path to the image in the registry entry HKLM->Software->GooPs->server<n>->image).

Reduced scale of cursors when zoomed out more than 8000 miles.

Removed speed from folder names in GooPsServers so the folders will stay open.


Added a “remote” vehicle to the demo.

Added a “Start Demo” button to the main window.

Changed demo vehicle name from “GooPs” to “Me” to hopefully make it more obvious that GooPs tracks both you and your friends.

1.0 – 2/1/06 Initial release