About GooPs

  • Track yourself in breathtaking 3D with Google Earth and GooPs, an amazing companion to Google Earth that shows you where you are in REAL-TIME!
  • Watch yourself zooming through the landscape, while laid out behind you is a colorful track showing your traveled path and speed.
  • Use all of Google Earth’s fantastic zooming and panning features to survey the landscape around you as you travel. Or use GooPs’ built in AutoView feature for hands free control of tilt, rotation, and zoom.
  • GooPs is great for all types of vehicles, land, sea, or air and is compatible with almost any GPS (NMEA).
  • No network connection is required (you can pre-load your trip into Google Earth and run standalone)
  • Use GooPs’ built in record/playback capability to re-live your trip (Pro only), or save your trip directly to Google Earth as KML
  • Track your friends and family too! GooPs can track other GooPs users if you have peer-to-peer network visibility (mobile vpn or static IP) – no servers or monthly subscriptions required.

What Is GooPs?

GooPs is a compact plug-in that enables real-time tracking and navigation in Google Earth. GooPs allows you to see your current location in Google Earth in real-time and keeps a track history of where you have been, including timestamps and speed. GooPs gives you the performance and capabilities of systems costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

GooPs Features

GooPs comes in three versions, Free,  Plus, and  Pro. GooPs Free is the free version that contains all of the core features that have made GooPs so popular. GooPs Plus has all of the great core features plus some of the most popular advanced features like AutoView and SpeedTrack. GooPs Pro gives you all of the advanced features and unlimited tracking.

GooPs Free:
  • Classic 3D Cursors – make it easy to see your current position and heading from any angle.
  • Custom Image Cursors – see your own car in Google Earth (supports most image formats).
  • Real-time Tracks – see where you and your friends have been (tracks can be saved to kml or kmz). Track length 5-10 minutes.
  • Track your friends – track up to two other GooPs users.
  • Full Native Google Earth View Navigation – adjust your zoom, rotation, and tilt from Google Earth – no need for secondary interfaces.
  • Integrated FTP client – allows you to share your trips with friends and family in real-time using Google Earth or Google Maps.
  • Save your trips to Google Earth or a file (kml) – allows you to easily archive your trips with the press of a button.
GooPs Plus:
  • More Tracking – track up to five GooPs users, expanded track length up to 30-40 hours.
  • SpeedTrack – track color shows how fast you are going any place on your trip.
  • AutoView –  hands free tilt, rotation, and zoom based on speed – no more fussing with controls while driving.
  • TimeStamps – shows when you were where you were.
  • Floating GPS Data Window – for easy viewing of your current speed, altitude, and heading.
  • Tracking Device Support –  for Sanav GC101, Laipac S-911 and other tracking devices.
GooPs Pro:
  • Unlimited tracking – track as many GooPs users as you like, expanded track length up to 30-40 hours.
  • Lifelike 3D Model Cursors Model your own car or use one of the thousands of models available at the Google 3D warehouse.
  • NMEA log record and playback – record and playback a log of your trip
  • Fully configurable AutoView – configure AutoView to your own preferences via the GooPs configuration file.

Note on tracking:
If you need to track a large fleet of vehicles you don’t need to buy GooPs Pro for each vehicle. You can run GooPs Pro on just the system that is doing the tracking. and run GooPs Free or GooPs Plus in the vehicles being tracked.

System Requirements:
  • Tested on Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP Pro and Home editions, Windows 8 and 8.1 (may work on others).
  • Google Earth – (not required for server only capability)
  • No network connection required (except of course if you want to track other GooPs users).
  • TCP/IP network capability is required although the network does not have to be connected.
  • NMEA GPS (most)  – works with RS232, USB, Bluetooth.

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