GooPs for Android

GooPs for Android is in Beta in the Google Play Store!


GooPs for Android is available in three versions: GooPs Free, GooPs Ad Free, and GooPs Pro.


Complete App for Free!

All versions of GooPs for Android have the following features:
– Creates a track that can be seen in real-time
– Points showing location data such as timestamp, coordinates, speed, elevation, and bearing can be hidden or displayed
– Points can be placed at intervals set by the user based on time or distance
– Points can be easily opened in Google Maps
– Can be run in the background simultaneously with Google Maps
– Can record trip with no internet connection
– Maintain privacy: your location data is kept on your phone, not on the cloud
– Select different Google Maps layers


Unlock All Features with GooPs Pro

– Can connect to GooPs for Windows using VPN, WAN, or port forwarding for real-time location tracking
– Colored tracks and points based on speed
– Display current location data
– Export track to KML file to be viewed in Google Earth
– Export track to CSV file for analysis and sharing
– Import tracks from CSV to be viewed
– More to come!


How to Use GooPs to Remotely Track Your Location in Real-Time

Want to track your Android phone with GooPs for Windows? Click here to see how!


Get It Now!

Click the links below to get the beta release of GooPs for Android from the Google Play Store: