GooPs for Android

GooPs is coming soon to Android!


GooPs for Android will be available in three versions: GooPs Free, GooPs Ad Free, and GooPs Pro.


All versions of GooPs for Android will have the following features:
– Creates a track that can be seen in real-time
– Points showing location data such as timestamp, coordinates, speed, elevation, and bearing can be hidden or displayed
– Points can be placed at intervals set by the user based on time or distance
– Points can be easily opened in Google Maps
– Can be run in the background simultaneously with Google Maps
– Can record trip with no internet connection
– Maintain privacy: your location data is kept on your phone, not on the cloud
– Select different Google Maps layers


With GooPs Pro, more features are added:
– Colored tracks and points based on speed
– Display current location data
– Export track to KML file to be viewed in Google Earth
– More to come!